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Banner Stands and Displays. The Must-Have Marketing Sign.


Retractable banner stands and roll-up banner stands are great marketing signs and perfect for your next event, as they are portable and easy to carry. They can also be permanent displays as they take up very little floor space.

Here are some benefits of a retractable banner stand:

Easy to carry:

Where ever you go just fold the stand and you can carry it in your hand. These stands are also available in small sizes also and can be easily stowed in your luggage.

Easy to use

You don’t need to spend a huge amount of time in setting a banner before a conference or for marketing. Just place down the stand wherever you want to display the banner and just like a window shade pull the banner and connect it to the support pole.

Space Saving

These banners are also a big space saver. Unlike all those big booths that require a lot of space and are difficult to set-up, retractable banners are easy to set up and display in seconds.


You can simply replace the graphic according to your needs. That was the main problem with a big booth display, in that case, you had to find a person who can fix the banner and then transport it where you need it. And after the work gets done you had to put the booth in the storeroom or simply throw it out because you can’t use it later. These retractable stands save you money and time.


Retractable banners roll down and are kept in their aluminum case, making them easy to carry and ready in an instant. You can carry the stand in a nylon padded traveling cases, plus it can be easily stored for later use.


There is a wide range of variety which comes with various choices of designs, you can choose the design that works best for your use and budget. Because of its features, users find it quite affordable because they know it’s a one-time investment.

Retractable stands are cost-effective, and by cost-effective it does not mean low quality. Durable material, easy to go, can be used for a long term event. It’s a meeting, workshop or product marketing you can place it wherever you need.

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