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Priniting 2019
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A Breakdown of the Different Types of A-Frame Signs

At Display Fair, we offer an incredible variety of different A-Frame Signs that all have different uses and utility. In fact, we have so many that it can be hard to decide which one is best for you! Despite the fact that they all serve a similar purpose, you can get different mileage out of different types of A-Frames. In this blog post, we’ll break down some of the differences!

Standard Signicade

The standard signicade is one of our most popular options, and for good reason! This is the most “classic” form of the plastic A-Frame, and it’s likely something you’ve seen quite often out in the urban wild. The standard signicade is very utilitarian; it’s got a convenient handle for carrying around, and its hinges can lock into place. It can hold a 24” x 36” poster on each side that is easy to change, and is a popular choice for people who aren’t looking for something particularly complicated or innovative.

Metal A Frames

We have several different varieties of metal A-Frames, which are ideal for handling the elements outside. The ones we offer are meant to be durable, and use a top loading mechanism for your posters; the entire frame holds them in rather than clips, as to promote its sturdy nature. The Metal A-Frame can withstand wind gusts and rain/snow, making it an ideal long-term resident for wherever it’s placed. Just remember — you can only load rigid signs into one of these! Paper signs will quickly succumb to the elements and won’t hold as well under normal conditions.

Erasable Write-on/Write-Off Message Boards

Ever walk past a coffee shop with an A-Frame sign in front that was covered with bright colorful words and drawings? You were probably looking at an erasable, write-on/write-off message board! These handy signs allow you to write and draw directly on the surface, making it ideal for businesses that have information to display that varies from day to day. Due to supply, demand, and ever-changing menus, this sign is a great choice for local curbside restaurants.

Rolling Quick-Change Plastic A-Frame

You could think of this one as the deluxe version of the standard signicade! Like the original, it has flat surface, a molded handle, and is made up of a plastic A-Frame. However, unlike the original, it has wheels, and a molded space just for your business logo! It’s like the classic standard signicade, only with a few premium features. If you’re purchasing a sign that you plan on getting a lot of mileage out of, consider this one!

Wind Sign Plastic A-Frame

While our metal A-Frames are usually ideal for withstanding tough weather, sometimes it’s just not enough; powerful winds can topple even the sturdiest metal sign, and that’s where the Wind Sign Plastic A-Frames come into play. These tough signs have a large plastic base that can be filled with water or sand to add hefty weight to the sign’s base. Under these conditions, the wind sign can withstand wind speeds of up to 60 MPH! This is definitely the sign you want if strong wind is something you can count on in your area.

A Sign For Your Every Need

At Display Fair, we’re committed to providing you with a sign for any and every possible context. We pride ourselves in our quality selection of metal and plastic A-Frames, and we know that you’ll find something that’s perfect for your needs if you shop our online store. In addition to A-Frame signs, we have a huge variety of all kinds of other business signage. No matter what your needs are, you won’t be left wanting. Stop by today!